Why Mobile Marketing Needs To Be a High Priority for Your Business

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Mobile marketing is increasingly the go-to business strategy for online marketers as well it should be. We’ve already crossed the tipping point where more than half of all online activities are done through either a smartphone or tablet.

These smaller, more personal touchscreen devices require a different approach than what you take through a desktop.  Here are the major reasons why this should be a high priority for your business.


Pretty much everyone owns a smartphone.

According to Pew Research Center, about tow-thirds of Americans (around 64 million people) own a smartphone and it is their PRIMARY portal to the online world.

The human-technology connection is more personal.

Americans (and people of the world for that matter) have a much closer relationship to their phones.  Wherein many people will only use a desktop computer for their jobs, “smart” devices stay near or on their owners for most of the day, and they are used for work, play, and interpersonal communication.

Mobile ads are more likely to convert.

A study performed earlier this year found that mobile advertising is 2.5 times more likely to convert than anything displayed on a desktop.  This, of course, is something you have to be careful with, though.

For starters, people take their mobile time seriously.  Just like they are more likely to buy from a good advertisement, they are more likely to develop a negative association to your brand if your ads are annoying and obtrusive.

Mobile ads lend themselves to more visibility.

It may seem odd that a smaller screen gets you more time with your customers, but the reality is, that it does through retargeting and a much better ability of businesses to refine data.  Thusly, mobile advertisers are often able to craft better ads that resonate more closely to their target audience.

Mobile ads will survive the Internet as we know it.

The Internet as we knew it for many years is rapidly disappearing and take a turn to smaller devices and wearables.  The so-called Internet of Things is here already, and it will only play a bigger role moving forward.  By embracing mobile advertising now, you will have a smoother transition to this brave new world.

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